Today’s Timber Industry

The process of timber harvesting has evolved at a staggering rate in the last 30 years and the logging specific machinery available today is incredibly technologically advanced. Capturing the maximum value in a stand of timber, used to be literally impossible. A tremendous amount material that historically had been out of reach because of equipment limitations is a concern of the past.


Erickson Logging maintains the perfect mix of technologically superior equipment and personnel with knowledge of all timber harvesting processes and methods. Our state of the art equipment inventory allows for Erickson Logging Inc to offer superior returns on both ground based harvests and cable/ high lead harvests. If your timber is on flat ground, a steep hill, or a combination of both, Erickson Logging has uniquely specialized logging equipment capable of tackling the toughest challenges.

Harvesting your Timber

Values for timber can range quite drastically from one parcel of land to another. The harvest of a well -stocked 20–acre parcel can bring anywhere from $50k to $600k, depending on a number of variables such as age, species, access, etc. If you have an interest in determining the value of your timber, we would love to hear from you. We offer free evaluations and can usually accommodate requests within a week.