As with any successful company, our employees are the backbone of our operation. Most of the employees in the field have been in the woods for 20 plus years and are well educated in the forestry industry. That, combined with a strong office staff and a collective, superior work ethic has made Erickson Logging, Inc. what it is today.

Kurt Erickson            Owner

Scott Brons               Low Boy /Log Truck/Tilt Bed 

Bryan Atwood          Log Truck/Tilt Bed
Dennis McFadden   Log Truck 
Brian Rhodes           Log Truck 
Randy Smith            Log Truck

Jeremy Nichols        Log Truck

Dale Mierke             Feller Buncher 

Tim Holsten             Shovel
Patrick Dow             Feller Buncher/Processor/Shovel
Kade Erickson         Processor
Aaron Inboden       Feller Buncher/Processor/Shovel
Ron McLynne          Skidder 
Jim McFadden         Processor/Skidder
Jim Peoples             Skidder

Lisa Hall                   Office Manager

Jin Yi                         Land Aquisitions