About Us

Erickson Logging, Inc started as a Firewood Company with a firewood processor and three trucks in 1988. Since its inception, Kurt Erickson has aggressively grown Erickson Logging Inc into one of Washington State’s largest privately owned logging companies. The logging industry has realized an incredible surge in technological advances with the automation of every aspect of the timber harvesting process. Quick to embrace the consistent flow of technological advances in timber harvesting heavy equipment and processes, Erickson Logging Inc has created and maintained the standard of raw timber product production.

Today, Erickson Logging, Inc has enough mechanized equipment to run three ground-based logging sites and regularly process 2 million board feet a month. Operating primarily out of Washington State, We have developed an unequaled understanding of the Pacific Northwest’s logging industry & timber markets. Erickson Logging, Inc's 35 year history, equipment inventory, and significant industry knowledge continue to generate harvest proceed totals that exceed industry standards for our clients.


The nature of our industry demands a unique level of sensitivity to, and focus on, environmental sustainability. The primary goal of all forestry management activities is to meet the land owner’s objectives while also providing “Best Management Practices” in protecting the forest environment. Care is taken during the permitting and harvesting processes to identify and protect critical areas such as wetlands and associated buffers, as well as fish and non-fish bearing streams. By maintaining proper separation from sensitive areas and adhering to responsible harvesting and restoration techniques, we strive to provide adequate habitat for existing and future wildlife to flourish. We work hard to maximize every harvest’s yield while maintaining a responsible approach to forest practices.